Multiple Survey Instances Generated


Duplicate or multiple survey instances are being generated from a trigger condition.


This occurs if one or more of the following holds true:

1. When 'is' is used in the Trigger condition, the Trigger condition will send a new survey instance every time the record is updated either by a user or by the system on the backend. 

2. When trigger condition is created, a business rule 'Auto assessment business rule' is created to create the assessment record.  There are two BR 'Auto assessment business rule' for the table. An older version of the BR has conditions that gets satisfied thus the assessment is created. There should only be one 'Auto assessment business rule' BR for each trigger condition. 


Here's how to resolve each of the above issues correspondingly:

1. The best practice is to set the condition to 'changes to' so it will only send the survey instance once.

Please update the Condition from:

[State] [is] [Closed]
[State] [changes to] [Closed]

In addition, optionally, you can modify your repeat interval to prevent surveys being sent in X number of days. The way to fix this is to edit your Trigger Conditions so the repeat interval is set to something greater than 1 second.

2. Deactivate the old additional Business Rule.