NewYork Upgrade Issue : Unable to clear reference field in NOW mobile app


Unable to empty a reference variable value when the default value of the variable is present and when the field is not mandatory in NOW Mobile Application

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to OOB NY/Orlando instance (demonightlynewyork/demonightlyorlando)
2. Select a catalog item with reference variable ( Ex: VMware Fusion)
3. In the OOB 'VMware Fusion' catalog item, requested for is the reference variable
4. Go to Service Catalog>>All variables and open 'requested for' variable
5. Uncheck Mandatory if present and set the default value to 'javascript:gs.getUserID()'
6. Now go the NOW Mobile application
7. Search for VMware Fusion Catalog
8. Observe that the 'requested for' is not mandatory and it is not possible to empty the field.

Expected: The user should have an option to empty the non-mandatory variable if not required.
Actual: The user is forced to select a value in the reference variable when not mandatory and a default value is set for the variable


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