ServiceNow endpoint is throwing 403 Forbidden error for DocuSign Webhook


When we are sending the envelope for E-signature to Docusign third party application from ServiceNow the DocuSign envelope status will not get updated back in ServiceNow and throw an error to DocuSign like "403 Forbidden error". We can see the error in the Docusign logs.

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According to the DocuSign recent update we need to add the below Ip address in the "Ip_access" table in the ServiceNow.

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DocuSign eSignature for customers periodically needs to update the DocuSign trusted IP address ranges in their account to ensure the highest levels of availability and security. And this update happened on Jan 30, 2020.


Add the above Ip address in the "Ip_access" table in the ServiceNow to avoid the 403 forbidden error. Please check the below screenshot for the reference.