Dependent field not clearing out if choice is changed.


App Version : 10.0.2
App: Agent / NOW
Platform :Both iOS and Android

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to any Orlando instance and agent mobile app.
2. Ensure that you have an applet (active incidents for example) which has an button like example Edit.
3. In this button ensure that we have two fields configured Category and Sub Category.
4. In category select something like Inquiry / Help.
5. In Sub Category select Antivirus.
6. Now change the category to Software , Notice that the antivirus is still there.
7. Since subcategory is dependent on category it is expected that once i change the category the subcategory field will become empty.
8. The subcategory is not getting empty so users are filling in wrong value and submitting the record.

Expected behavior : Dependent field should become empty on change on the first field

Actual behavior : The dependent field is not becoming empty hence use is submitting the wrong choice and causing confusion.


This issue has been fixed in the version 10.1.0 of mobile release.

Related Problem: PRB1406371