UI Policy having 'javascript:gs.getProperty' in the condition does not work in Agent workspace


A UI Policy which has 'javascript:gs.getProperty("propertyName")' in the condition is not working on Agent workspace.

Steps to Reproduce

1- Create a system property with the below data:
Name: test.caller.sys_id
Type: String
Value: <sys_id of "ITIL User">

2- Create a UI policy on incident table with the below data:
Condition: Caller is javascript:gs.getProperty("test.caller.sys_id")
OnLoad : checked
Reverse if false : checked
global : checked
Run scripts : unchecked

3- Create the below UI Policy Action on this newly created UI Policy, this is to make "Assigned to" field as visible and mandatory on the incident form when caller is "ITIL User":
field name: assigned_to
Mandatory: true
visible: true
readonly : read alone.

4- Access Agent workspace and Open a new incident record and select caller as "ITIL User". Notice "Assigned to" is not visible.

5- Open a new incident in native UI and select caller as "ITIL User". "Assigned to" is shown as expected.

6- On agent workspace open any existing incident which has caller "ITIL User". "Assigned to" is shown as expected.

7- Open a new incident and set the caller as "ITIL User". "Assigned to" is not visible.


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