Report designer information pane items read as multiple list by screen readers


The items in the "information" dialog of Report designer are connected list of items but t hey are read as separate list items, on a screen reader. 

Steps to Reproduce

In Report designer, the "information" dialog, although visually delineated list items are conveyed as a connected list of items, on a screen reader they are read as separate list items.
<dl class=""..."" ...>
<dt class=""..."">Table</dt>
<dd class=""..."">Incident [incident]</dd>
<dl class=""..."" ...>
<dt class=""..."">Type</dt>
<dd class=""..."">Horizontal bar</dd>
<dl class=""..."" ...>
<dt class=""..."">Groups</dt>
<dd class=""..."">Not shared to any group</dd>


There is no workaround. The screen reader lists the items as they are separate lists.

Related Problem: PRB1389445