A new look for maintenance notifications

A guide to branded maintenance notification emails

Beginning July 2020, ServiceNow is phasing in a new look for email maintenance notifications. Here's what you'll see:

Subject lines call out important information.

Subject lines include the type of maintenance we're performing, if you need to take action, and the urgency.

Here are some example subject lines:

Branded headers that help you distinguish regular maintenance notifications from urgent ones. 

Work is busy, and you need to see important information with a single glance. We've incorporated icons, text, and color to help you distinguish regular maintenance notifications from urgent ones. 

We've included an example in this KB that shows the standard blue header. This is the header you'll see on most maintenance notifications.

However, if a notification is urgent, you'll see a different orange header like the one below. It includes the text "Urgent Maintenance" and has a different icon.

We'll only send urgent maintenance notifications if:

1) Your instance will experience downtime within 24 hours of the initial notification.

2) You need to take action within 24 hours.

Urgent maintenance happens rarely, so when you see this header, it's something that requires immediate attention.

At-a-glance headlines with what you need to know. 

The main headline shows the type of maintenance we're performing. The subheadline directly underneath tells you three things:

1) If you need to take action.

2) Whether the maintenance causes instance downtime.

3) The maintenance timeframe.

In the example in this KB, the maintenance required action, did not result in downtime, and was completed in June 2020. Here are some other examples of headlines you might see: 

Be informed • Expect downtime • September 2020

Review • No downtime • September 2020

Take action by July 16 • Expect downtime • August 2020

Consistent sections with information on what’s happening, why, and what you need to do.

Every maintenance notification has consistent sections. These sections are bolded and give you useful information about what you can expect, what you need to do, and where to go if you have questions. 

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