Translated fields are still sorted using English Sort Order


When sorting on a translated field, the results are being sorted based on the English text, not the translation.

Steps to Reproduce

Pre-requisite:  Instance should have any I18N Language installed (ex: French | com.snc.i18n.french)

  1. Set your language to French
  2. Navigate to incident.list
  3. Click on Catégorie to sort by this column

Expected:  Column should be sorted in French

Actual: Column is still sorted by English (Key) value


Sorting is designed to be done by the key for those fields. Since working by design, no plan to address this in one of the foreseeable upcoming releases.

Enhancement Request:
You can submit your exact business case for this request in our newly updated Idea Portal, which replaces the old Enhancement Request process. Please see KB0755878 for more information on this process:

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