Version properties (glide.war, glide.war.assigned, glide.buildtag.last, glide.builddate.last) should never be preserved but always match the clone source


In some customer combinations of settings it can occur that the version properties (glide.war, glide.war.assigned, glide.buildtag.last, glide.builddate.last) are preserved from the target instance.
If that happens while the target instance is on a different version than the source this could cause issue like a spontaneous upgrade after the clone or an upgrade not kicking in at the scheduled time.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to the preserver list.
2. Create a priserver for the sys_properties table without a filter (in essance preserving all properties except for the ones that the clone engine speciffically overwrites to prevent an outage like for example the properties instance_name and instance_id).
3. Clone over a target on a higher version than the source.
4. Then try to upgrade the target to the same higer version it was on before (since you expect the version to be lower based on the source version).


As a workaround and as good practice you would want to always apply a filter on the sys_properties preserver record for the specific properties you want to keep.
With version differences in general you can end up with all sorts of issues when preserving all properties instead of specified ones.

Related Problem: PRB1411960