'ref_ac_columns_search' cannot search string reference field when Choice is Dropdown with --None--


'ref_ac_columns_search' cannot search string reference field when Choice is Dropdown with --None-- 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a custom field in a table (Sample: cmdb_ci)


Label=Test Type

Column Name: u_test_type

Choice: Dropdown with --None--

2. Add 2 choices in the field and assign values

ChoiceA with value 'choicea'

ChoiceB with value 'choiceb'

4. Choose any records on that table (cmdb_ci) and assign a value in Test Type eg ChoiceA

5. Go to a catalog item and add a variable of type reference

Reference: Table where you added field on Step 1 (eg cmdb_ci)

Use reference qualifier: Simple

Reference qualifier condition: Test Type is ChoiceA

Variable attributes: ref_auto_completer=AJAXTableCompleter,ref_ac_order_by=name,ref_ac_columns=u_test_type;name,ref_ac_columns_search=true

6. Order the catalog item

Search for the Name of the cmdb_ci in Step #4 -> you can search the name

Search for the u_test_type eg ChoiceA -> no results even if you populate it in Step #4

Expected: The above Variable attributes should have searched on both u_test_type column

The root cause is because the Choice is Dropdown with --None--


Try changing the dictionary of your reference field Choice value to "--None--"?

Then delete the reference qualifier condition -> Save -> Add CI Type again and you will see that it will accept the value as String same as the field type

Input the string Choice Label (eg ChoiceA) in the Reference qualifier condition

Related Problem: PRB1411918