List filter having a special character like (# or &) in the filter is not returning filtered data on click of grouped link


List filter is broken on clicking grouped link and showing the entire data instead of filtered data

- Go to any table (incident.list)
- Update couple of records 'Short Description' field by appending '#' in the text
- Now filter the list with 'Short Description Contains #'
- You'll see filtered data as expected
- Now group by on any column
- Click on grouped link

Actual: Filter not applied completely, showing entire data
Expected: List filter to apply with grouped filter

Release or Environment

Newyork and Orlando


Using of special characters in filter condition is breaking the continuation of filter on click of grouped link.


The Problem related to this issue is targeted to fix in Paris Release

Alternate workaround is to avoid using special characters in the filter condition will help filter not break while grouping.