Azure function pattern getting empty cmdb_ci_cloud_function


Azure Functions pattern is not working in cloud discovery, sample error in pattern:

"Identification Engine: Discovery status is FAILURE, CI Type cmdb_ci_cloud_function cannot be created since there are no attributes defined. Debug pattern to understand why no attributes have been assigned."

Steps to Reproduce

Download store app pattern Azure Functions

Run cloud resource discovery which executes Azure Functions pattern


As the current implementation was only looking for type = functionapp, but in one of the customer instance we found that type can contain multiple values so changes the condition from 'equals' to 'contains'

Now if the value [String] of type is having "functionapp" in it, it will be treated as the valid value.

Step which got updated:
8. Filter non function apps
Condition to filter the table should be  [$func_info_table[].type  contains "functionapp"]


Also, we have placed an additional check of processing only "functionapp" before creating the CI. 
If we don't have any records of type "functionapp" then we're skipping the step of creating the CI.

Create an additional step as an additional check before creating the CI [Create Main CI step]:
Step Name: Validate if we got functionapp to create CI
Condition: $func_info_table IsNotEmpty
Termination Type: Expected
Information Message: "No web app of type 'functionapp' found"

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