When "Unlock Account" button is triggered it redirects to error page even though it unlocks the user account


AD Pwd Reset unlock process wherein after the unlock button is selected, it doesn't show the unlock success message but just spins in the same page. It seems the user account unlock success but the page didn't return "Account Unlock Success".

Steps to Reproduce

While doing password reset. Do all the configurations.
1) Make sure the user is locked out.
2) On the reset page you will see unlock account button.
3) When the button is clicked it gives password reset error or it keeps rendering at page

Expected : It should give "Password Unlock Success" since the user is unlocked.


1) Applied attached update set "16062020_sys_script_include.zip" to update script include

- PwdUserUnlockUtil

- PwdFlowHelper

2) Clear browser cache.

3) Clear server cache by run 'cache.do' (hit enter) in Filter navigator.


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