In Service Portal, multiple choice variables without default values are not selected when using the tab key


In Service Portal, if you have multiple choice variables without a default value set and if you use the tab key to goto the variable, it will not get selected/highlighted.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. In Orlando instance, create a new catalog item with 2 variables

    Variable 1:
    Type: Single line text
    Order: 100

    Variable 2:
    Type: Multiple Choice
    Order: 200

    Under "Type Specifications"
    Choose direction: Down
    Do not select the first choice: checked

    Under Question Choices, create 2 or 3 questions

    2. Click on "Try It" then click into the text field and press the Tab key on keyboard and noticed the first radio button is selected
    3. Now go to Service Portal then press the Tab key on keyboard after clicking into the text field and noticed the paper clip icon is selected
    4. Repeat steps 1 - 4 in a New York instance and noticed the first radio button in multiple choice group gets selected and highlighted after pressing the Tab key in Service Portal


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