MID Server stops logging agent logs when an unsupported JDBC type data source is used.


MID Server stops logging agent logs always after the Standard:JDBCProbe:

06/08/20 15:59:49 (523) LogStatusMonitor.60 stats threads: 43, memory max: 910.0mb, allocated: 270.0mb, used: 58.0mb, standard.queued: 0 probes, standard.processing: 0 probes, expedited.queued: 0 probes, expedited.processing: 0 probes, interactive.queued: 0 probes, interactive.processing: 0 probes
06/08/20 16:00:12 (330) Worker-Standard:JDBCProbe-c0825b9ddbd554d0f9591f8305961991 Worker starting: JDBCProbe source: 4b1af086db7af7c0f9591f83059619ec
06/08/20 16:00:12 (346) Worker-Standard:JDBCProbe-c0825b9ddbd554d0f9591f8305961991 Getting instance ACLs for table: sys_data_source
06/08/20 16:00:14 (733) Worker-Standard:JDBCProbe-c0825b9ddbd554d0f9591f8305961991 Waiting for connection semaphore
06/08/20 16:00:14 (733) Worker-Standard:JDBCProbe-c0825b9ddbd554d0f9591f8305961991 Obtained connection semaphore

Release or Environment

All release.


The main reason for this is because of the unsupported type of JDBC type data source being used.


Out of the box we only support the following JDBC type data source:

a) MySQL
b) Oracle
c) SQL Server

Additional Information

JDBC type data source: Documentation