User is still receiving notification after disabling the "Allow notification" from notification preferences


The user is complaining that he is still receiving email notification from the instance even after he disabled "Allow notification" from his notification preferences settings,.

Release or Environment



You can verify below points:

- Please verify if user has correctly disabled or turned OFF the notification.

- If user is still receiving the notification then check the email record from the sys_email table. You may see below messages in the email log at the bottom of this record:

"..........included recipients because users would normally be excluded, but notification's "Force delivery" or "Mandatory" setting is enabled........."

- Above error tells that the notification which he has received has either "Mandatory" or "Force Delivery" option enabled.

- If you do not want to disabled "Mandatory" or "Force Delivery" option then you can delete the notification device of the user from cmn_notif_device table. You can search the right device in the table using the user's email address.

Note: Sometimes, disabling user's device from cmn_notif_device does not help. So you need to delete the device from the table.