When using "do the parallel" in flow designer and assigning values on catalog task activity, assignment group is not filled in correctly. They are empty.


Two symptoms are seen with this PRB

How to verify PRB

  1. go to [sys_rw_action] table in list view, identify those records that were created by the flow context. "Context" field will contain the flow context id in the JSON string
  2. the "watching" field will contain a sys_id of an invalid [sc_task] record

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open the catalog item - https://empdjo.service-now.com/com.glideapp.servicecatalog_cat_item_view.do?v=1&sysparm_id=69152ae1dbcd50107c2dfb371d961924
2. Put any value on the variable and click on "Order Now".
3. Now open the Requested item and under catalog task you should see assignment group values being populated.

Expected behavior - Assignment group should have a value
Actual behavior - Assignment group values are empty.

Attached screenshots for your reference.


Install attached update set sys_remote_update_set_604be4067ca11010f877e99878831481.xml

This update set contains:
1) Create SC Task Action 2.0 - a custom action to create the SC task and create the relationship for catalog variables

Please note: A wait for condition step has been included which is waiting for sc_task.active == false.  If you don't require this you may remove it.

This action has 3 inputs:

requested_item - Which is the sc_req_item record the flow is generally triggered on

fields - JSON key-values  which tells the action which fields to set on the new task being created

catalog_variables - Comma separated list of Catalog variable (names - e.g. color,storage) to associate with this task

2) SC Flow - an example flow which shows how to use the action

* This workaround may fail due to PRB1444063 "Inline script input in a custom FD action is missing from compiled snapshot if triggering user does not have role to write script" so the workaround described in KB0863496 should also be applied.

Related Problem: PRB1406982