Flows on Flow designer is read-only


Unable to edit a Flow in the flow designer, shows as READ ONLY FLOW.

Release or Environment

Orlando onwards


This is related to the "Collision Avoidance" feature introduced in Orlando release.

-- This feature is not specific to Flow.
-- This feature is applicable only if the application is linked to source control. If the file has un-committed changes and the current update set is different than the update set in which the file was recently modified, it will be in read-only mode.

-- Review > https://docs.servicenow.com/csh?topicname=collision-avoidance.html&version=latest


1. To determine the required update set causing this issue .

-- Determine the sys_id of the affected flow record

-- Navigate to metadata record for the affected flow record


-- The following message will be displayed

This record has been recently modified in update set <UPDATE_SET_NAME> by <USER_NAME> but not committed to the source control (View differences). The update set <UPDATE_SET_NAME> is unavailable. To edit the record use <NEW_UPDATE_SET_NAME> update set

2. You can resolve this either of these options

a. User can make changes to the application file only after selecting the required update set.

b. Enable or disable the collision avoidance feature using the glide.ui.vcs.collision_avoidance property in the System Property [sys_properties] table. By default, the feature is enabled.

Additional Information

Collision avoidance