Unable to open a record on the instance


Users are not able to open a particular record on the instance whereas its available in the list as well shows in the global search. In this scenario, we have seen in the  change module where they are not able to open it whereas its available in the list of the changes on the instance.

Release or Environment

All Releases/Environments.


2020-06-15 00:53:54 (360) Default-thread-16 8D28E6DFDB115814772DC476059619CD txid=00364c67db19 [0:00:00.155] Compacting large row block (file.write: sys_email 10000 rows 15182568 saveSize)
2020-06-15 00:53:54 (361) Default-thread-16 8D28E6DFDB115814772DC476059619CD txid=00364c67db19 Time: 0:00:00.308 id: anztech_2[glide.18] (connpid=459303) for: SELECT sys_email0.`checkpoint`, sys_email0.`notification_type`, sys_email0.`instance`, sys_email0.`copied`, sys_email0.`subject`, sys_email0.`importance`, sys_email0.`blind_copied`, sys_email0.`direct`, sys_email0.`sys_updated_on`, sys_email0.`type`, sys_email0.`uid`, sys_email0.`sys_id`, sys_email0.`sys_updated_by`, sys_email0.`reply_to`, sys_email0.`content_type`, sys_email0.`receive_type`, sys_email0.`sys_created_on`, sys_email0.`target_table`, sys_email0.`state`, sys_email0.`sys_created_by`, sys_email0.`sys_mod_count`, sys_email0.`weight`, sys_email0.`message_id`, sys_email0.`error_string`, sys_email0.`deleted`, sys_email0.`user_id`, sys_email0.`recipients`, sys_email0.`user`, sys_email0.`status` FROM sys_email sys_email0  WHERE sys_email0.`instance` = '66acf818db9d90907105e4e38a96197f' AND sys_email0.`sys_created_on` >= '2020-06-04 11:08:58' AND (sys_email0.`headers` NOT LIKE '%EmailDigest-%' OR sys_email0.`headers` IS NULL ) AND sys_email0.`type` IN ('sent' , 'received') ORDER BY sys_email0.`sys_created_on` DESC  limit 0,10001 /* anztech127, gs:8D28E6DFDB115814772DC476059619CD, tx:00364c67db19d814772dc476059619c3 */


- Delete the emails related to record as they are only to notify the CI owner


Note: Please update the instance name and sys_id of the record in the above url

- Delete the record from the sys_history_set to make sure its stop generating the history set for the record.

Additional Information

This can also be seen for sys_audit table as well as other tables.

Incase, you see lot of records and facing problem while deleting from UI, please reach out to ServiceNow Support team by opening a case on HI portal or use one of the contact numbers from our Support Contact Page to open a case on your behalf if you face any issues while creating the case on HI portal.