How to temporarily Disable Service Catalog for Maintenance Purposes


How can we temporarily restrict access to Service Catalog?

Is there a relatively easy way in out of the box to do, so that could also allow us the ability to provide a message indicating that the Service Catalog is temporarily unavailable.

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1. There is no out of the box way to temporarily disable the Service Catalog Application for maintenance purposes.

2. But one of the way to achieve this requirement is:

[A] You could set user criteria on all the categories of the Service Catalog and define it only for the admin user until the maintenance time is over. But if you have lots of categories then this will be a time-consuming process. We understand that this would not be the ideal solution to achieve the requirement. But it works well for both [Platform and Portal]

Additional Information

If you still would like to see functionality to achieve this requirement in the future ServiceNow releases [Out of the Box instance], Please raise an idea request on the Idea Portal.


Our product team will consider implementing this feature based on the number of upvotes.