'Discovery and Service Mapping Patterns' Store Application v1.0.39 causes cloud Discovery LIST calls failure while processing response when a CI has multiple hosted on relationships


If a cloud resource has more than one hosting rule, installing 'Discovery and Service Mapping Patterns' Store Application version 1.0.39 (required for IBM Cloud and Google Cloud support) causes cloud Discovery LIST calls failure with error "MULTIPLE_DEPENDENCIES Found multiple dependent relation items".

With the installation of 'Discovery and Service Mapping Patterns' Application version 1.0.39, there are a number of 'CMDB Metadata Hosting Rule' records relating cmdb_ci_cloud_service_account to the discovered cloud resources like Hardware Types 'cmdb_ci_compute_template' which results in the existence of two hosting rules between one cloud resource -cmdb_ci_compute_template- with cmdb_ci_logical_datacenter and cmdb_ci_cloud_service_account.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to CI Class Manager > Cloud Network > Dependent Relationships.
  2. Create a new relationship for the network with a service account. The network is hosted on the service account under the hosting rule.
  3. Create an AWS service account, Discover Datacenters, and create a Discovery schedule for us-west-1.
  4. Run Discovery. This fails while discovering the network resources with the error message:
    "identification_engine : MULTIPLE_DEPENDENCIES Found multiple dependent relation items [{"parent":17,"child":2,"type":"Hosted on::Hosts"}] and [{"parent":17,"child":0,"type":"Hosted on::Hosts"}] in payload".



There is no workaround available. This problem has been fixed in:

- Paris Patch 2 and further
- Quebec Patch 1 Hot Fix 1 and further

Related Problem: PRB1324745