"Error encountered fetching attachment" in Mid Server agent logs while Copy Attachment Action in JIRA spoke is running on Flow Designer


"Copy Attachment" in JIRA SPOKE in Flow Designer copies an attachment from the Attachments [sys_attachment] table to a target record.

Copy Attachment action

MID Server is being used for communication with JIRA for Copy Attachment.

When the "Copy Attachment" action is executed , an error is being pushed:

"Either provided SysID of attachment record is incorrect or unknown error occurred."


This issue is happening because the mid server user is not able to reach to the "sys_attachment" table.


When the Mid Server agent logs checked , below is seen the IPaaSActionProbe worker:

2020-06-02 15:18:34 (987) Worker-Expedited:IPaaSActionProbe-6491ea5bdb09d410e4d4d7795e961922 Worker starting: IPaaSActionProbe source: 80816293944d14d028880feb9b35ea37
2020-06-02 15:18:35 (644) Worker-Expedited:IPaaSActionProbe-6491ea5bdb09d410e4d4d7795e961922 Credentials sys_id: 7badc6a2db7898508014dd3b5e961938
2020-06-02 15:18:36 (003) Worker-Expedited:IPaaSActionProbe-6491ea5bdb09d410e4d4d7795e961922 SEVERE *** ERROR *** Error encountered fetching Attachment : Error while parsing metadata for attachment with sysid .

The solution for this issue is to add READ ACL for "sys_attachment" table for the mid server user "ServiceNow MidServer user" in sys_user table.