Diffrence between Probe/Pattern


There is a difference between probe/pattern in how 2 inquire the name of Citrix LBA:

The difference is based on the fact that pattern is able to inquire directly from the load balancer the name by SNMP query,

unlike the DNS probe that retrieves the name by DNS inquiry.

The fact that the pattern inquires the LBA directly means that it is more accurate but it would require the customer to set the name for the load balancer.

Not setting the name would mean that the name will be the default name from the vendor that is 'Netscalar'.

The pattern also has the DNS name but since the name exists it will use the name and not the DNS name.

It would be simple to change the name to the DNS name from the pattern.

Workaround - 

The naming is done on this shared lib.

Call SNMP Hostname Formatting

The DNS name should already exist but the pattern favors the returned name from the Netscaler.

The Netscaler will always return a value the default is 'Netscaler' even if the customer did not configure it (vendor configured). 

To Workaround, need to add a step after the shared lib and add FormatedysName 'equal' Netscaler if true use the DNS name.

Example below

There is a difference between probe and pattern regarding disk space:

The pattern is more accurate than the probe and this causes the difference between values (Round-Up/Round Down) with the probes 

Disk spaces are usually eval scripts that calculate the disk spaces if the customer wants a round number one of the ways to implement this is by a business rule

There is a difference between probe and pattern in forming a relationship between NAS File System and Storage File Share using NetApp Storage Discovery:

The probes have the logic of creating the expected relationship between the NAS File System and Storage File Share and the same functionality is not present in the pattern at the moment.
If the customer wants to get the relationship, one of the ways to achieve this is to use probes until the fix is released.