Report drill down does not work on custom Agent workspace landing page.


Drilling down on a data visualisation component added to a custom workspace landing page does not work.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open an Orlando instance
2. Change the application to Agent Workspace
3. Navigate to Workspace Experience -> Administration -> All Workspace
4. Select the New UI action
5. Create a custom workspace
6. Navigate to Workspace Experience -> Administration -> Landing pages and select the New UI action
7. Create a new landing page for the Custom workspace and enable the UI builder
8. In the UI builder, drag and drop a Data Visualisation component
9. Add the open incident widget
10. Save the record
11. Now open the custom workspace
12. Observe that you cannot drill down into the report
13. Go to the landing page and in the field “Applicable Page Registry” change the value to Agent workspace
14. Now open the OOB workspace
15. Observe that we are able to drill down into the report

Expected behaviour: Users should be able to drill down into the reports in custom workspaces

Actual behaviour: Report drill-down does not work in custom workspaces



Note: Please temporarily de-activate the UI policy “Hide old Render Type” before starting the process. This will allow one of the fields to appear on the form
Note 2: Please also temporarily deactivate the Business Rule "Sanitize Renderer configuration" (sys_id: e84f31370f8b2300bb57f4a1ff767ebe). This will allow the value to be saved in the Custom Renderer field.


1. Navigate to sys_aw_renderer.list

2. Click the New UI action

3. Workspace Settings (workspace_config column) = The custom workspace

4. Renderer Type Extension (type_ext column) = "layout" (the reference record in the sys_aw_renderer_type table where sys_id = "bfacd1a10f517300bb57f4a1ff767e92" and renderer_type = "layout")

5. Application (application column) = a reference to the application scope in which the workspace is created in. To modify this value, make sure to switch into that scope.

6. Module flag (module_flag column) = true

7. Workspace Module (workspace_module column) = "home" (the reference to the record in Workspace Module / sys_aw_module record where id = "home", Application = the application scope from item #3, and Workspace = the workspace that the user is trying to add the renderer to / same value as item #1).

8. Custom Renderer (custom_renderer column) = "now-record-list-connected" (the reference to the UX Component Definition / sys_ux_lib_component table where sys_id = "d57daf1053203300099addeeff7b12e8")

9. renderer_type column = "layout"

Related Problem: PRB1401936