Current Time Sheet not populating with specific time cards (Tasks are Story/Stories)


While using Agile Development, time may be applied to Story records, and time cards will be used to manage this time worked. When generating time cards on your current time sheet using the 'Generate Time Cards' UI Action, TimeCardGenerator.generate is called (Script Include.function).

You may see that some Story records/Time Cards are added to your Time Sheet while others that you may expect are not.

*If you were to do the same action in the Time Card/Sheet Portal, you might notice those desired Time Card/Tasks show up in the Task Selector widget on the left side of the portal.

Release or Environment



Task/Time cards are only added to the Current Time Sheet if their 'work_start' field (Actual start date) is populated. This typically occurs when the Task (Story in this case) is moved to a Work in Progress state. 

In other words, if your Story record is still in a 'Ready' state, you will not see it added to the time sheet, but may find it show up in the Task Selector widget in Time Card/Sheet Portal.



If you would like to see your Time Cards/Story tasks added to the Current Time Sheet, make sure that they are in a Work in Progress state (or any state that would update and add values to the Actual start date (work_start) field.

Additional Information

This KB applies to all task related/time cards which may be added to a Time Sheet.

The logic where all of this is pulled from is: TimeCardGenerator.generate