'Page not found' message when navigating to Employee Health Screening > Overview


When navigating to 'Employee Health Screening' > 'Overview' you might receive a 'Page not found' message. 

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Filter Navigator to Employee Health Screening
2. Select Overview
3. The page you are looking for could not be found. (/sp?id=employee_health_screen_overview)


Release or Environment

All releases.


The Module "Overview" under "Employee Health Screening" Application
has Arguments:


While the Portal Page "employee_health_screen_overview" exists on the instance, the issue might be with OOB Portal with suffix "sp" having been customized with a different suffix https://instance_name.service-now.com/sp_portal.do?sys_id=81b75d3147032100ba13a5554ee4902b



The solution would be to update the Arguments of module "Overview"

to point to your customized Service Portal by replacing "/sp" with the suffix of your Service Portal. i.e.: