Knowledge article import feature is not preserving the font italics and colors.


After uploading a Document template to a KB article record as per the doc link: When importing a Word document to a knowledge base, the font styles such as italics, colors, bold are not shown like in the original document.



Release or Environment



In reference to our Knowledge Management functionality, when uploading a .doc or .docx Word template, there are limitations on styling for the files as Microsoft does contain a lot of unsupported styling tags that will be stripped away by the systems HTML Sanitizer.
The size of the fonts are supported up to a certain limit that is set by the HTML Editor which is TinyMCE as our latest version.

Styles and elements not included in this list may not be preserved when importing a document:

Bold text
Italic text
Underlined text
Ordered and unordered lists


This is expected behaviour and if the the exact identical formatting is intended, then we recommend not to rely on templates based on a Microsoft Office document due to this limitation.