How to redirect a List Screen to a URL Screen on Agent Mobile App


When we create a List Applet, the system actually created two Screens, List Screen and Form Screen.

- List Screen contains the following components.

1.  Item Stream Segment - This allows you to create multiple segments on your list screen.

2.  Item Stream - This allows you to control your Data Item. You can add multiple Item Streams to pull records from multiple tables on the List.

3.  Main Item - This allows you to control how fields are displayed on the primary/card view of your list screen via Item View JSON. You can add multiple Main Items to show different primary/card view based on table condition.

4.  Data Item - This allows you to control the table and query conditions of your records.

- Form Screen contains Detailed, Activity(Optional) and Related Lists(optional).

- The List Screen and the Form Screen are connected via the Embedded Screen in the Main Item. When you click a record on the List Screen, it goes to the Form Screen.

It looks that there is an implicit parameter "sys_id" is passed from the List Screen to the Form Screen. The Form Screen uses this "sys_id" to fetch details of this particular record.

To redirect a List Screen to a URL Screen, we just need to cut off the connection between List Screen and Form Screen and build a new connection to URL Scree.

1. Set the Embedded Screen of the List Screen Main Item to empty.

2. Create a Function to go to the URL Screen. We don't have to add the "sys_id" parameter as it is implicit, using {{sys_id}} in the link.

Type: URL

Link: /mesp?id=me_kb_view&sys_kb_id={{sys_id}}

3. Add a Function instance of Function in step 2 to the List Screen Main Item.

Location: List Item

The List Screen can be redirected to URL Screen successfully(r1.mp4).