Error loading project tasks in planning console with tasks created via custom script


When creating or customizing Project templates outside of a typical project template creation scenario, it's crucial to include a few details so that those tasks will be visible or displayed in the Project Planning Console. You may come across this issue after those tasks are created in your preferred workflow or script mechanisms, and see that those tasks are not displayed in the Planning Console, while other tasks - created manually from related list or form, are displayed


While there is no best practice for creating custom project tasks via script (as we advise using the OOB method via Project template, there are a few key things you can look to include in your GlideRecord task creating scripts or functions.

  1. Parent value. It is important to establish a parent relationship - if creating project tasks from a script - to the parent project. Project tasks that should belong to an overall parent project that do not have parent values will cause issues and will most likely not display in the Planning Console, among other issues (such as calculation, date, etc)
  2. Top task/Top Project value(top_task). Another very important relationship to be made when a project task is created is its Top task or Top Project value. Every Project Task should have this value, or else issues will occur.



If you are having issues with your custom script created Project Tasks not showing up in Planning Console, inspect the XML of those Project Tasks (from form) and inspect that they have a correct top_task & parent value. If they do not, apply practices in your custom scripts that include those necessary values.

*Note that custom scripts are not officially supported by Customer Support. Any testing to your system should ultimately be made at a lower, sub-production level first!