Uploading more than 30 image into a incident do not display in the activity stream


When uploading or attaching 60 images into an incident, once the images have finished uploading, only 30 images will display in the activity stream.

Release or Environment

Confirmed New York, Orlando


Seems that the system property glide.stream.max_entries needs to be set. The default value is 250, but the actual property is not present on the instance. Creating the property and setting it to 250 resolves the issue.


1. Go to Navigation Search type sys_properties.LIST
2. Click New
3. Input the following information:
Name: glide.stream.max_entries
Type: string
Value: 250

Now when uploading 60 images, they all display in the activity stream.

Additional Information

Here is a knowledge article that has more information about glide.stream.max_entries property