ATF test FAILURE: Failed to find UI Action '' on '' form


An ATF test may fail due to the following error on the 'Click a UI Action' test step:

FAILURE: Failed to find UI Action '<UIAction_Name>' on '<table_name>' form

This article describes how to troubleshoot this error.


There are mainly 2 reasons for this issue:

1. The UI Action is not accessible to the user that you are impersonating in the ATF test.

Validate this by manually performing the same steps that are being performed in the ATF test by impersonating the same users as in the test.If you can confirm that the UI action is visible to the user after following the same steps from the test, you may proceed to check for the second reason. If the UI action is not visible, you may troubleshoot further using KB0547282

2. The UI action selected in the 'Click a UI Action' test step is not the same UI action as the one showing on the form. This can happen when there are multiple UI actions with the same name and it is not very easy to tell which one is actually showing on the form. The steps for identifying the correct UI action is described in the resolution section below.


You could try to look for the differences between the UI Actions with the same name and determine which one should show up on your form for the user that you are impersonating in your test but this may not be easy if there are multiple UI Actions with now much difference.

An easier alternative is to get the sys_id of the UI Action by inspecting the form element's HTML by using tools like developer tools available on the browser. The gsft_id attribute within the HTML will have the sys_id value for the UI Action.

For instance, if you are on Chrome follow these steps:

To open Developer tool:

Right click on the form and hit inspect OR on the browser More tools Developer tools:

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 10.12.22 PM.png     OR   Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 10.17.30 PM.png

Once dev tool is open go to Elements tab, select element on the page to inspect (First click the little arrow at the top left corner of the dev tools frame/window and then click on the UI Action as shown in the screenshot below). It will show you (highlight) the HTML code of the button you want to inspect. Something like this:

<button class="form_action_button header   action_context btn btn-default" style="white-space: nowrap" type="submit" value="sysverb_update" onclick="return gsftSubmit(this);" id="sysverb_update" data-action-name="sysverb_update" gsft_id="42df02e20a0a0b340080e61b551f2909" name="not_important">Update</button> 

gsft_id="42df02e20a0a0b340080e61b551f2909" is sys_id of UI action:

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 10.22.01 PM.png