How to discover printer name


Below are the two common methods to discover printer name.

When both are available, the second method: sysName will take precedence.


Method 1> Using Reverse DNS Lookup

Firstly, work with your Network / DNS administrator to make sure the IP address of target printer is configured in reverse-DNS.

You can validate the reverse DNS configuration by running below command on your MID server host:

nslookup [IP of the printer]


Next, on the instance, navigate to:

Discovery Definition > Properties

Make sure "DNS or NetBIOS is trusted host name source" is ticked.


To verify Discovery has retrieved the Reverse DNS lookup, run discovery to the printer, then in the Shazzam input ECC, check result of the DNS scanner.


(Note: Some printers support NBT, which can also be used as printer name if retrieved by discovery)


Method 2> Using SNMP OID (sysName)

Review the administrator guide of your printer and make sure "name" is property configured.

Also make sure your printer supports SNMP OID (sysName).


To verify Discovery has retrieved the sysName, run discovery to the printer, then in the input ECC of SNMP - Classify probe, check if <sysName oid=> tag has valid result.