[SAMP] Create multiple entitlements for same Software Model


If we create an entitlement for a product as a subscription and map to the agreement type ‘Enterprise’ and create another entitlement with perpetual license for the same product the status for the product will always be a complaint.

E.g; Photoshop has subscriptions and also separate perpetual licenses.

There is an Enterprise Term Level Agreement (ETLA) entitlement covering Adobe Systems Photoshop that expires in 2020. There is also a perpetual generic agreement type for 5 rights covering 5 rights. It is not possible to produce different reconciliation results for the same software model with overlapping entitlements. Reconciliation will ignore the weaker entitlement, generic for 5 rights, until the ETLA/unlimited entitlement expires.

Reconciliation picks the more powerful entitlement, ETLA, for Adobe System Photoshop software model and produces a compliant product result.

The product result being complaint is expected as called out here:



If an ELA entitlement is associated with a software model, that the software model will be considered compliant regardless of unlicensed installs.