Virtual Agent doesn't load on Service Portal after Orlando upgrade


After the Orlando upgrade, Virtual Agent doesn't load on the Service Portal.

Release or Environment

Orlando release onwards.

- This issue has been noticed in Orlando Patch 1 and 2


In Orlando release, we have introduced a new OOB user called "virtual.agent" and this user was used by the VA for the handshake when the conversation is initiated.

Adding company field to this user record increase the size of the payload (like adding a company with lots of information), then the payload JSON gets truncated, and the chat client can not parse it. Therefore, it is not recommended to update company for user "Virtual Agent" (id: virtual.agent).


Make sure the "virtual.agent" user is active and the company field is not set for the "virtual.agent" user record.

Additional Information

Suggestion is not to update user record 'virtual.agent' with lots of information that can increase the size of the payload.

which means -

Issue can also be caused if in this user profile add links to other complex entities, like Company, or possible manager, or if add a ton of roles to the user, etc.