Repair SLA UI action added a work notes/Entry of removed SLA in the activity history


Hello, We have run SLA repair functionality in Incidents table for our production. In some cases we can see on the activity log of the removed TASK SLA's information. We need to know the root cause of the issue.

Release or Environment

Madrid Patch 10, Hot Fix 1


It is expected behavior in the platform.



There are few audit tables that captures these updates & cannot be removed, apart from the option which is to uncheck the "Relationship Changes" from activity.

Please uncheck the "Relationship Changes" from the Activity , So that from next time onwards when you are performing Repair SLA on the incident table, Removed TASK SLA details wont get captured in the activity history.

There is no impact with this fix , as its only perform the change of fields to be shown in the activity. So some times it might take some 5 to 10 minutes of time to apply this fix on the forms and it is because of network & scripts that run when form loads. So, anyways should be fine as we are fixing the issue.

This would not happen always or for every form load.

I have attached the screen shots for your reference after applying the changes and before applying the changes .