Articles are updated/modified whenever 'View Article' is clicked.



When the 'View Article' UI link in the knowledge form is clicked, the article is updated even though no changes have been made to the article. The 'sys_updated_on' and 'sys_updated_by' fields will be changed to the user viewing the article and the corresponding time.


Root Cause:

Issue occurs for articles that have been created through an old version of the TinyMce or demo-data articles that are shipped OOB. This is because when these articles are loaded in the new version of the editor, the editor makes changes to the article HTML content. For example, <b> tags are changed to <strong> tags, etc. Since the article content is changed, the 'View Article' UI action updates the current record before showing the article view page. As a result, the 'sys_updated_by' and 'sys_updated_on' fields are updated.



This issue is currently being tracked through PRB1352839 and is targeted for the Paris release.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open any demo data article in platform page. Eg. KB0000004.
2. Click on 'View Article' related link.
3. The article opens in kb_view and on scrolling down, it is observed that 'Last modified' is updated.


No recommended workaround.

Related Problem: PRB1352839