Allow-listing Addresses GCC Sending IP Adresses in ProofPoint

Customers will need to complete the following steps in order to allow-list GCC sending IP addresses in ProofPoint (which is not a responsibility of ServiceNow).

(Please note that the following steps were captured from the ProofPoint website.)

Setting Up A Filter To Allow-list An Address:

  1. -- Click Company Settings.
  2. -- Click the Filters tab.
  3. -- While on the Inbound tab, click New Filter.
  4. -- Choose a name for the filter (i.e. Allow-listed Senders) and leave the Direction set to Inbound.
  5. -- Click Continue.
  6. -- In the Filter Logic section, choose the proper Scope for the filter:
    • If you want the filter to be applied to everyone, leave scope = <Company>.
    • If you want to target a specific individual or group of individuals, change the scope.
  7. -- In the If section:
    • First drop-down box: Select Sender Address from the dropdown list of options message elements.
    • Next drop-down box: Select IS.
    • Final box: Enter the full email address of the sender (e.g.


      Spoofing from the entered address can be safe guarded against by adding additional IF conditions.  For example: if the message subject is similar with each message, add the subject text or if messages always come form a specific server, add a condition for the specific server name in the email header.

  8. -- In the Do section:  select <Allow> from the dropdown list of actions.
  9. -- On the right, in the Filter Details box, in the Description box, give a brief description of the filter's purpose.
  10. -- Click Save.