Virtual Agent does not load the "Show Me Everything" button nor can user interact in the chat window if Virtual Agent is configured to use "Personalized Greeting Topic"


In Service Portal, after initiating a Virtual Agent conversation, users are not able to interact in the chat window nor can they see the "Show Me Everything" button to pick a topic if Virtual Agent has been configured to use the "Personalized Greeting Topic".

Release or Environment



This is expected behaviour since the OOB "Personalized Greeting Topic" only has a Bot Response in the topic flow.


  1. Create a clone of the OOB "Personalized Greeting Topic" record in Virtual Agent Designer
  2. Add a "Script Action" utilities object in between "Get Personalized Greeting topic message" bot response and "End" node

  3. In the "Script Action" utilities node from step 2, copy and paste the same code in the "Send Topic Picker" Script Action utilities node from the "Greetings" topic record

  4. Save the changes to the cloned custom topic and ensure to publish this custom greeting topic
  5. Go to Virtual Agent > General Settings and under the Greeting topic field (under the Setup Topics tab), choose the custom greeting topic created then save the changes