Using a processor to redirect to a specific link does not work correclty with SSO


Trying to create a simple link where when users go to, this will redirect to a specific link, kb or record in ServiceNow.  We used a Processor was used to be able to handle this but this does not seem to work when an SSO user is not logged in.  Instead, we will get a standard request for authentication but SSO is not logging in as expected.


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The reason that it does not work is because when a user unauthenticated user hits to the processor in a browser, they will be asked to log in. If a script, or web service client tries to access the processor, it will be denied unless it presents a Basic Authentication header. It is how it was designed to work. There is no way to have it bring up SSO login, it will always ask for basic authentication.


There is an alternative way of doing which is using a UI page that is public and the UI page has the redirect of the URL you want to go to.

1. Filter navigator search for UI pages and once the list opens click New
2. Give it a name like "test"
In the client script section put the following: window.location = "[YOUR URL YOU WANT TO REDIRECT TO]";
Save the record
3. Go to and click New
4. Give the name of the page "test" or whatever you chose, set to active and submit

Now when you hit this page you will be redirected to the URL and no basic authentication will be triggered so SSO should log you in and allow you to see the page you want to redirect to.