Unable to pull variables that are from Multi-row variable set on a report


Users often report that they are not able to create a report with variables from Multi-row variable set. Is there any process to achieve this?


With current design, reporting is not supported for multi-row variables set. This limitation is also documented here:

You cannot select variables of a multi-row variable set when defining the following for a catalog item:

UI policy conditions
Unsupported ATF step configurations. You can only validate if a multi-row variable set is visible, mandatory, or read only.



From the platform functionality, the data for the multi-row variables are saved in a different table: "sc_multi_row_question_answer" with each task record reference. Users can consider reporting on this table and/or try creating a new database view to pull the data they are looking for. 

A solution might be to leverage the database view or report on sc_multi_row_question_answer table as needed.

Always test on a non-prod instance to confirm the data returned by database view is expected. 

Please note that even with database view, there might not be a way to pull all the variable data on a report since this is not supported.