Ordering the item through the"Buy Item (POST)" is REST API explore is moving the item to cart instead of ordering the item.


I am attempting to use the REST API Explorer and submit a catalog item. I've used the Buy Item (Order Now) method and just get a cart id back. I can get the request number from using the submit order method but from my reading, the Buy Item method should be all you need to just submit a catalog item to receive a REQ number back. Instead, it is just sitting in the cart un-submitted.


Two-spet check out process is enabled.


-- The issue is caused because of the system property "glide.sc.checkout.twostep" is set to true.

-- When we order the item directly as the two-step checkout the item initially moved to the cart where we get an option to change the "requested for" field value for the order when "order now" UI action is used.

-- When we use the web services the same process is implemented where the item is sent into the cart as the API uses the same Order now UI action.

-- Setting the system property "glide.sc.checkout.twostep" is set to false will allow the item to order directly when REST API is used.