Scheduled End Date and Scheduled Start Date to be edited only by 'change managers'.


There are scheduled start and planned end date on the change request form which is used for checking the change conflicts and conflict calendar will also be set based on those fields

Now the requirement is to make those scheduled start and scheduled end date to be editable by only change_manager role


There is a feature called as access controls where we can add the write roles to the changes request which is having the fields scheduled start and scheduled end date by setting to the change_manager role

So that only the user who is having the change_manager role will be able to edit the scheduled start date and scheduled end date


Creating the write access on the change_request for the planned end date and planned start date with mentioning the role as change_manger has restricted the access to the fields in the list, form and conflict calendar

When the requirement is particular fields which need to restriction on the calendars we need to check if those fields are present on the form

If those fields are present on form and if the restriction is added on the form the restriction will be applied by developing the access control on the fields in the form