Discovery not running on loopback address when netmask is 32: " is a broadcast address. Aborting discovery"


When netmask is 32, loopback address is considered as Broadcast address and discovery is being aborted with the error message: "<IP address> is a broadcast address. Aborting discovery".

Steps to Reproduce

1. Make sure that the SNMPv3 credential is working for the IP Switch.
2. Run a quick discovery against this IP Switch:

Discovery does not complete and CI is are not populated. The following error gets logged: " is a broadcast address. Aborting discovery" and CI is not discovered.


This problem was Fixed in Quebec. Further issues related to this area have been identified since this fix was originally implemented. See the additional fixes in: PRB1358510/KB0781931, PRB1433712/KB0863705, PRB1436135/KB1001201.

Related Problem: PRB1394394