Stream events from Azure Event Hubs

Release or Environment

Sophie standalone versions 3.4.x - 3.7.x. 


To have Sophie subscribe to events from an Event Hub, first create a Consumer Group :

  1. Log in to Azure Portal
  2. Navigate to the Event Hubs management screen
  3. Select the relevant Event Hub
  4. Click on + Consumer group and complete the form

Note: do not use this Consumer Group with other applications

Next, create a SAS Policy :

  1. Click on ‘Shared access policies’ under Settings
  2. Add a new policy with “Listen” policy selected
  3. Take note of the key, you’ll use it later 

The only additional details that are needed are the Event Hub Namespace and the instance name. 

Open the Sophie web app, go to Settings, "Add & Manage Data", then "Data Inputs".
Click the + Plug a new data input button, and select "Azure Event Hubs":

Complete the form and save it. That's it!

Note: a Data Input only reads from a single Event Hub. To read from more than one Event-Hub, create multiple Data Inputs