Sold Product Creation restricted only to customerservice manager or admin


There are few tables like Sold Product, Install Base Item etc., created as part of the Customer Service Install Base Management plugin. In a scenario where we need to load these tables using a third party system we need to do using transform maps/scripts.

But in order to create /read the entries on the sold product table, either an admin role or sn_customerservice_manager role is needed. There are query business rule runs not only for interactive sessions but also for the interface/scripts.

This article suggest the best approach to have the integration user as part of an interface to create/read/update the data in sold product table.

Release or Environment

Any Environment


Option 1 It is not advised as admin role will give access to multiple features in other plugins as well which might not be desirable.

Option 2, Upgrade issues arise if we tweak the OOTB BR's.

Recommended Approach:

If a role needs CRUD access, CSM Manager role is to be added to the that role.

For read access, agent or customer_data_viewer can be added to the role whichever is deemed appropriate based on the use case.