How to set Incident Auto Expiry

Release or Environment

Sophie standalone versions 3.4.x - 3.7.x


The feature of "Auto-Expiry" will help keep your incident feed relevant by removing 'old' incidents that are no longer relevant. This does not affect retention, or storage of incident data, just the visibility of the incidents in the feed. 

How to turn on this feature: 

Under “Settings” → "Administartion" → “Features”. Search for the “ALERTS_AUTO_EXPIRE” feature flag, and make sure it is set to "ON".

  • To prevent the system from storing too many "old" incidents in the GUI, please set the auto expiry settings. The default is to delete incidents 2 days after they were dispatched.
  • In order to change this configurations:

Under “Settings” → "Settings" → “General” go to the "System" tab and filter for “incidents.expiration_period_days”. Set the value you consider to be relevant to your organization.