Program Workbench tiles show HTML tags of the Program Description field


HTML tags being displayed on the description field of the Program Workbench.


Out-Of-Box, the Description field is of type multi text and does not expect HTML tags.
If the description field has been customized and is of type HTML, the content will have HTML tags. When the Program Workbench page is built, there is no parsing for the HTML tags and they are displayed as raw data.


Reverting the "Description" field to OOB will get the issue fixed for the next programs created. For the existing ones, html tags would need to be removed.

Although the UI Pages and Macros for the Program Workbench are not available for customization, they call the script include "ProgramEntityLoader" to get the data.
There you can see how the description is being processed:

entityObject: function(gr) {
var entity = {
sys_id: gr.getValue("sys_id"),
name: gr.getValue("short_description"),
description: gr.getValue("description"),

If you prefer, you can customize the above code and remove the tags from the description.
Please keep in mind that customization falls outside the scope of our tech support.