IntegrationHub - Slack Spoke - Cannot use dot walked fields with "Override Default Fields" attribute


The IntegrationHub Slack Spoke can be configured to send out specific fields from the record for which the message is being generated. This is achieved by specifying the table fields (like short_description, number, etc.) in the "Override Default Fields" configuration text box. If you want to specify a reference table field with dot-walk notation (like, parent.number, etc.) then any of the fields specified in the "Override Default Fields" text box is not included in the generated message.

Steps to Reproduce

Create a flow in flow designer to trigger a slack message as follow:

Under the Actions section, add a new action as below:

Test the Flow


There is no workaround available at the moment. Alternatively, you can duplicate the column data into the underlying record from the reference record if there is a critical business need but this is not recommended since it can cause data synchronization issues in the future.

Related Problem: PRB1388999