Additional columns created in Import set table when specifying wrong header row


When the Import set table is created by admins for the very first time as per requirement the columns are defined and then transform maps are prepared along with a standard data load sheet.

Please note the columns created in import set table will match the columns specified in the row that was chosen as header. When a non admin is trying to use the import set table going forward and specifies a wrong header row by mistake system tends to create additional columns in the Import Set table and it does not prompt the user or stop them in doing the data load.

Main concern is the system allows a non-admin user to create columns in import set table indirectly when wrong header is chosen?


- This is working as per the design


We need to set this import set property "glide.import_set_row.dynamically_add_fields" to "false inorder to stop dynamic fields creation.


You also have below options:


1) Clean up your Excel spreadsheet so that it only includes columns for fields that already exist in your Import Set table


2) Manually ensure that all columns in your Excel file have corresponding fields configured in your Import Set table


Note: Once the the Import Set Table has columns created and when the property "glide.import_set_row.dynamically_add_fields" set to "false" then it will not allow even any admin user to create the new column dynamically during the date load.