Custom stage state label for state=in_progress (In progress) is not being saved correctly


The custom stage state label for the "in progress" stage state is not honored. The default state label "In Progress" is always used. Custom state labels for other stage states are honored.

Steps to Reproduce

Import the attached flow in order to skip steps 1-6.

1. Create a new flow with service catalog trigger
2. Add a log action
3. Add a wait for condition action - set the wait condition field to "active=false"
4. Add a stage in between the Log and Wait for Condition actions, call it "One"
5. Open into the Stage configuration dialog from the More Actions (3 dot) menu
6. Expand the stage state config for your custom stage - set the state label for the In Progess state to "Working On It".
7. Run the flow via the Test button, choosing an Request Item record that is active = true.
8. Roll over the stage icon display on the Operations View

Expected: Stage "One" will be in state "in_progress", which will show the in_progress icon and customized label "Working On It"
Actual: The icon is correct but the custom label is not used
The attached screenshots show a custom label that works for the "Completed" stage state, and the incorrect "In Progress" stage state.


No workaround. Please see Fixed In versions

Related Problem: PRB1372722